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  • GSM Audio Intercom Kit
  • Supplied with internal antenna and psu
  • Works on 4G networks (includes 2G and 3G)
  • Surface mounted
  • SIM free ready for any network
  • 1000 users dial-to-open
  • AC and DC operation
  • Slimline design
  • Two output relays

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A fantastic 1 call button GSM Intercom Kit with an intercom antenna and works on any network.

How does it work?

This is an audio intercom kit that requires you to insert a simcard (not supplied) from any network in the UK (networks with 2g, 3g or 4g). The intercom needs power (12v to 24v AC or DC). Once the intercom is powered up it can be programmed from the device's settings page that can be accessed using a smartphone's web browser. The intercom needs one call number to be set, which will be the first number that the intercom dials when the button is pressed. If required a second call number can be set which the intercom will divert to if the primary number does not answer. When you answer a call from the intercom, you can talk and if you want to you can press a button on the phones keypad to activate the gate or door. 

The intercom also features a dial to open function in which the user can call the number in the intercom to open the gate. If the calling number is recognised by the intercom the call will be rejected and the gate will open. You can set up to 1000 dial to open users. There is no cost to using this element of the intercom as the calls are not answered however the simcard must be able to make calls for the primary function of the intercom in which case it will require credit or inclusive call minutes.

It is very easy to programme thanks to the browser settings page.

Available in a Matte or Gloss finish. Surface mount installation. IP55 weatherproof design. 


This systems allows the easy installation to access points where a wired door entry system cannot be installed or where the distance between gate and building is too great. A very simple and easy to install entry panel that can make audio calls to any telephone number including mobiles. From answering a call from the entry panel the user can choose to release the gate from a single key press. The system also allows registered users to make a call to the entry panel to release the gate negating the need to carry a remote control. Sim Card not supplied with kit. Supports all 4G networks.

Technical Specification


12V-32VDC 1A Max

12V-24VAC 1A Max


1W 50mm Speaker


Echo and Noise Suppression

LTE Bands (EU)


GSM: 900/1800MHz

Output Relays

60V 1A Maximum

0.15R Impedance


Gain: 2dB

Connector: SMA

What comes in the box
1 GSM Intercom
1 Power Supply
1 GSM Internal Antenna

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