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  • Audio Intercom Kit
  • GSM Pro with Code Lock
  • Videx 4000 series
  • Supplied with psu and antenna and keypad
  • New 4G Model, works on any network
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Revolutionize Your Access Control with Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kits

Discover the ultimate solution for modern access control with the Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kits. These advanced intercom systems are designed to cater to both residential and commercial needs, offering unparalleled flexibility, security, and ease of use. 

Enhanced Security with Integrated Keypad Access

The Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kit with codelock offers an additional layer of security and convenience. This version includes an integrated keypad, allowing users to gain access using a secure code, ideal for scenarios where multiple users require entry without the need for individual keys or cards.

Key Features of the Codelock Version:

1. Integrated Keypad:

  • Allows access via a programmable code, providing a secure and convenient entry method.
  • Supports up to 1000 unique codes, ideal for residential or commercial use.

2. Programmable Access:

  • Codes can be programmed and managed easily via SMS, Videx smartphone apps, or the GSMSK PC software.
  • Temporary access codes can be set for specific durations, from 1 to 255 hours.

Key Features:

1. Universal Network Compatibility:
  • Compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, ensuring reliable operation worldwide. Sim card is not supplied.

2. Versatile Configurations:
  •   Available in configurations from a single call button to 12 button kits, expandable up to 50 call buttons.
  •   Choice of flush or surface-mounted versions to suit any installation requirement.

3. Enhanced User Experience:
  •   DDA compliant with voice annunciation and call progress LEDs for easy use by all individuals.
  •   Divert facility for each call button, allowing up to 4 telephone numbers (1 primary and 3 diverts).

4. Comprehensive Access Control:
  •   Store up to 1000 dial-to-open numbers with customizable access levels.
  •   Supports 32 temporary dial-to-open numbers, programmable from 1 to 255 hours.
  •   Integrated proximity access for up to 1000 users. This means the system is ready to accept the 955/C cards or the 955/T fob to allow easy opening of the gate or door by means of a swipe out of the box. Please note when you purchase this kit without a keypad it will include 3 fobs regardless of how many call button you select and you can add purchase extra cards or fobs seperately. If you order a keypad version of the kit no fobs will be supplied but they can be added on.
5. Advanced Programming and Monitoring:
  •   Program via SMS, Videx smartphone Apps (available on Google Play and App Store), GSMSK PC software (optional), or remotely via the "over the air" feature.
  •   Event log storing up to 4000 events, accessible via USB or RS485 bus (sold seperately) and viewable online in real-time.

6. Time Management Features:
  •   Automatic time correction with daylight saving adjustments.
  •   Programmable call button timebands, access control timebands, free access timebands, and access levels for precise control.

7. Expandable and Networkable:
  •   RS485 bus connectivity for expanding to a networkable access control system. (cable not included)
  •   Integrate additional devices like the Art.4850R off-board proximity reader and Art.4903 keypad for enhanced security.

8. Robust Construction:
  •   Crafted from 316 grade stainless steel with a matt finish, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.
  •   Also available in a vandal resistant version

9. Ease of Installation and Use:
  •   Push-to-exit input and dry contact relay for seamless integration.
  •   Micro USB connection for straightforward programming.

Why Choose Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kits?

Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kits are not just intercom systems; they are comprehensive access control solutions designed for modern needs. With their modular design, you can start small and expand as your requirements grow, making them a future-proof investment. Whether you're managing a small residential property or a large commercial complex, these kits offer the flexibility, security, and ease of use that modern access control demands.

Get Started Today

Upgrade your access control with Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kits and experience the future of intercom technology. For more details and to configure your ideal setup, select your required options above or contact our sales team.

Product Specifications:
Network Compatibility: Works with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
Call Buttons: Options range from 1 to 12 buttons, available in surface or flush mount.
Expandability: Can be expanded to accommodate up to 50 call buttons using additional 4000 series modules and back boxes.
Accessibility: Features DDA compliant voice annunciation and call progress LEDs.
Call Diversion: Supports up to 4 telephone numbers per call button (1 primary and 3 for diversion).
Dial-to-Open Numbers: Can store 1000 dial-to-open numbers, each assignable with an access level.
Temporary Dial-to-Open Numbers: Stores up to 32 temporary dial-to-open numbers, programmable from 1 to 255 hours.
Proximity Access: Integrates up to 1000 users for proximity access.
Programmable Timebands:
  •    1 programmable timeband for call buttons.
  •    Up to 10 programmable timebands for access control.
  •    Up to 10 programmable timebands for free access.
Access Levels: Up to 10 programmable access levels.
Time Management: Includes automatic time correction and daylight saving adjustments.
Programming Methods: Can be programmed via SMS, Videx smartphone SMS Wizard Apps, GSMSK PC software, or remotely using the "over the air" feature.
Inputs and Outputs: Includes push-to-exit input, dry contact relay (C, NO, and NC), 2 auxiliary inputs, and 2 auxiliary outputs.
Connectivity: Features a micro USB port for easy programming with the GSMSK software and RS485 bus connection for networking with additional devices like the Art.4903 keypad and Art.4850R off-board proximity reader.

Transform your access control with Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kits today and ensure secure, efficient, and modern entry management for any property.

Simple Wiring Guide for Single Call Button Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kit (No Keypad) to Operate a Single Gate or Door

Basic Installation Instructions

1. Power Supply Connection:

   - Connect the included power supply unit (PSU) to a 230V AC mains supply.

2. Entry Panel Connection:

   - Run two wires from the PSU to the entry panel to provide power.

3. Door/Gate Connection:

   - Connect two wires from the entry panel to the gate or door that will be operated by the door release function.

4. Antenna Connection:

   - Attach the antenna to the designated port on the entry panel for optimal signal reception.

Follow the provided instruction manual for a straightforward and effective installation of your Videx GSM PRO 4G Intercom Kit, ensuring secure and reliable access control for a single gate or door.

Models on this page: 


To view the standard (Non Code Lock) versions please follow this link:

GSM4K (Non Keypad Version)

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