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  • Swing Gate Kit
  • Single gate kit
  • 230v Semi-intensive
  • 3500mm or 300kg Max each leaf
  • Underground Motor
  • 120 Degrees Max opening angle
  • Mechanically locking motor
  • Speed 28 seconds 90 Degrees
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Complete kit for a single residential or multi-residence swing gate up to a maximum of 3.5m in width or 300kg in weight each leaf.

Ultimate Choice in Aesthetical Appearance

This underground equipment is specifically designed so that the motor is concealed in a load bearing foundation box beneath the pivot point of your hinged swing gates. Giving you the very best in aesthetics while further reducing hazards by removing more trapping points above ground level.

Manual Release from outside

Manual release from outside the property in the event of a power failure or fault. Particularly useful when the gate is the only means of access to the property.

Integrated Open & Close Limits

This equipment features adjustable open and close limits. This allows you to set the gates limits of travel without the need for a physical stop in the ground. This feature has some limitiations and may not function correctly on wider gates. For gates where each leaf is over 2.5m we reccomend a physical stop in the open and close positions.

LCD Display

Control Panel with LCD display for simplified programming.

This product has been replaced by BFT ELI AC A40 KIT S

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What comes in the box
1BFT ELI 250 N 230v Motor
1BFT RIGEL 6 Control Panel
2BFT Mitto RB 2 Button Transmitter's
1BFT Compacta Pair of safety photocells
1BFT Antenna
1BFT ZZELI25 Internal Stop Pack
1BFT ZZELI28 SCC Release Mechanism
1BFT BTCF Foundation Box
Motor ModelMains Power SupplyMotor VoltageMax Weight per GateMax Length per GateLocking MethodGate SpeedMax Opening AngleNotesKITSINGLE KIT
BFT ELI 250 N230v230v300kg3500mmMechanically locking motor28 seconds 90 Degrees120 DegreesBFT ELI 250 N KITBFT ELI 250 N KIT S
BFT ELI 250 N V230v230v150kg2000mmMechanically locking motor15 seconds 90 Degrees120 DegreesFast motorBFT ELI 250 N V KITBFT ELI 250 N V KIT S
BFT ELI 250 N BT230v24v400kg3500mmMechanically locking motor14 seconds 90 Degrees120 DegreesBFT ELI 250 N BT KITBFT ELI 250 N BT KIT S
BFT ELI AC A40 MOTOR230v230v500kg4000mmMechanically locking motor13 seconds120 DegreesBFT ELI AC A40 KITBFT ELI AC A40 KIT S
BFT ELI BT A40 MOTOR230v24v500kg4000mmMechanically locking motor14 seconds (with slowdown)120 DegreesBFT ELI BT A40 KITBFT ELI BT A40 KIT S
BFT ELI BT A35 V FAST MOTOR230v24v200kg3500mmMechanically locking motor10 seconds (with slowdown)120 DegreesFast motorBFT ELI BT A35 V FAST KITBFT ELI BT A35 V FAST KIT S
BFT ELI AC A35 V FAST MOTOR230v230v200kg3500mmMechanically locking motor10 seconds120 DegreesFast motorBFT ELI AC A35 V FAST KITBFT ELI AC A35 V FAST KIT S

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Category Eli Range Brand BFT

Product Details

Power Input 300w
Discontinued Discontinued
Gate type Swing gate
Single or twin kit Single gate kit
Gate Style Barred|Boarded
Max weight per gate 300
Max length per gate 3500
Post Configuration back hung|side hung|front hung|corner hung
Above or underground Underground
Max opening angle 120 Degrees
Motor Electromechanical
Locking method Mechanically locking motor
Power Supply Voltage 230v
Motor voltage 230v
Gate Speed 28 seconds 90 Degrees
Duty Cycle Semi-intensive
Stops Required neither|open|closed
Protection Rating IP 67
Motor Range ELI
Category Swing Gate Kit