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Security is a main reason to install a gate and the lock is naturally a big part of that. It is therefore important to make sure the lock latches and locks properly without any issues. Measuring the throw of the lock should be an important step when finding your next gate lock.

We’ve therefore made an overview of the latch and deadbolt lengths of our bolt-on lock ranges the Superlock and the Select Pro.

You might think it would be as easy as giving a single dimension for the throw of a gate lock, but it isn’t quite as simple as that. We get asked about a variety of different dimensions when it comes to the latch and deadbolts. Please see below for the description of each dimension on the below drawing.


Dimension A shows the dimension from the front of the lock and through the gate frame when the lock isn’t used (resting). The latch bolts are adjustable so there will be a minimum and a maximum measurement for these.


Dimension B is the latching movement. This is how much the latch retracts when the handle is operated, pulling the latch back.


Dimension C is the extending deadlocking movement, which only applies to the locks that can be deadbolted extra. When turning the key to deadlock the gate, the deadbolt will extend this much into the gate post.

Latch lengths for 10-30mm gate frame bolt-on locks

ProductA- length, mmA - length, maxB - latching movementC - deadlock movementOverall length
BLD27 mm53 mm15 mm15 mm50 mm
BD15 mm43 mmN/A15 mm50 mm
BDG27 mm53 mm15 mmN/A50 mm
BDGS27 mm53 mm15 mmN/A50 mm
BQK27 mm53 mm15 mmN/A50 mm
BQDG27 mm53 mm15 mmN/A50 mm
SBD11 mm38 mmN/A30 mm70 mm
SBLD26 mm54 mm13 mm30 mm87 mm
SBKLLT34 mm62 mm20 mmN/A87 mm
SBL22 mm54 mm13 mmN/A87 mm
DGL35 mm65 mm22 mmN/A87 mm
DGLS35 mm65 mm22 mmN/A87 mm
SBQEDGL35 mm65 mm22 mmN/A87 mm
SBQEKL34 mm65 mm22 mmN/A87 mm

Latch lengths for 40-60mm gate frame bolt-on locks

ProductA- length, mmA - length, maxB - latching movementC - deadlock movementOverall length
BLD57 mm83 mm15 mm15 mm80 mm
BD45 mm73 mmN/A15 mm80 mm
BDG58 mm84 mm15 mmN/A80 mm
BDGS58 mm84 mm15 mmN/A80 mm
BQK58 mm84 mm15 mmN/A80 mm
BQDG58 mm84 mm15 mmN/A80 mm
SBD40 mm84 mmN/A30 mm102 mm
SBLD58 mm68 mm13 mm30 mm120 mm
SBKLLT68 mm86 mm20 mmN/A120 mm
SBL60 mm95 mm13 mmN/A120 mm
DGL68 mm86 mm22 mmN/A120 mm
DGLS68 mm86 mm22 mmN/A120 mm
SBQEDGL68 mm86 mm22 mmN/A120 mm
SBQEKL68 mm86 mm22 mmN/A120 mm

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