770 24V KIT
  • 770 24V KIT


770 24V KIT
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Product Options
Additional Security
12 V Electric Lock
12 V Electric Lock
Select which Photocells come in the kit
XP 20B D
XP 20B D
Standard 20m
XP 20W D
XP 20W D
Battery TX
XP 30B
XP 30B
Metal 30m
Battery Backup
Battery Backup - for E024S
Battery Backup - for E024S
XKP Radio Keypad
XKP Radio Keypad
Photocell Accessories
100m Roll of 6 Core Bus Cable 0.5mm
100m Roll of 6 Core Bus Cable 0.5mm
One Aluminium Photocell Column
One Aluminium Photocell Column
Two Aluminium Photocell Columns
Two Aluminium Photocell Columns
Safety Warning Light(s)
FAACLight 24v
FAACLight 24v
Select which Remotes come in the Kit
24 Hour 7 Day Timer - 6 Event Times
24 Hour 7 Day Timer - 6 Event Times
Twin gate kit. 24v. Max 3500mm. 500kg. Per gate.
  • Swing Gate Kit
  • Twin gate kit
  • 24v Very-intensive
  • 3500mm or 500kg Max each leaf
  • Underground Motor
  • 110 Degrees Max opening angle
  • Mechanically locking motor
  • Speed 15 seconds 90 Degrees
  • Built-In Obstacle Detection

FAAC 770 24V KIT

Complete kit for a pair of residential swing gates up to a maximum of 3.5m each leaf.

Battery Backup Available

Battery backup is available for this motor for in the event of a mains power failure. Electric gates make it particularly difficult to gain access to a property if the mains power fails.

Ultimate Choice in Aesthetical Appearance

This underground equipment is specifically designed so that the motor is concealed in a load bearing foundation box beneath the pivot point of your hinged swing gates Giving you the very best in aesthetics while further reducing hazards by removing more trapping points above ground level.

LCD Display

Control Panel with LCD display for simplified programming.

Intensive Use

The motor is specifically designed for intensive use. Enjoy the comfort of an electric gate that can open and close for numerous visitors throughout the day. Particularly useful for shared entrance gates to a large number of residences.

Built in obstacle detection

This equipment features built in obstacle detection. Implemented correctly this can stop and reverse upon detection of an obstacle. Obstacles are detected when the gate experiences an increase in resistance that can be caused by a person a vehicle an object or even wind obstructing the path of the gate. Although this safety feature can be very effective. It is strongly advised that all installations undergo an impact force test to ensure the safety of anyone who may come in to contact with the gate. Further safety can be added with the addition of safety edges.

Bus Connection for Peripherals

Control Panel has Bus terminals for the connection of photocells and accessories with a easy 2-wire Non-polarised wiring system. Speeds up the installation by preventing errors during installation. Can be connected as desired. Serial/Parallel etc.

What comes in the box
2FAAC 770N 24v DC Operator's
2FAAC Underground Foundation Box's
1FAAC E124 Control Board
1FAAC XF 868 SLH Receiver
2FAAC 868 SLH 2 Channel Transmitter's
1FAAC XP 20B D Pair of Photocells
Motor ModelMains Power SupplyMotor VoltageMax Weight per GateMax Length per GateLocking MethodMotorGate SpeedDuty CycleNotesKITSINGLE KIT
FAAC 770N 10675201230v230v500kg3500mmMechanically locking motorElectromechanical15 seconds 90 Degrees20 cycles/hourFAAC 770 UK KITFAAC 770 UK KIT S
FAAC 770N 24V 10675301230v24v500kg3500mmMechanically locking motorElectromechanical15 seconds 90 DegreesVery-intensiveObstacle Detection.FAAC 770 24V KITFAAC 770 24V KIT S
770 24V KIT

Data sheet

Shipping Index
Gate type
Swing gate
Single or twin kit
Twin gate kit
Max weight per gate
Max length per gate
Above or underground
Max opening angle
110 degrees
Locking method
Mechanically locking motor
Power Supply Voltage
Motor voltage
Gate Speed
15 seconds 90 Degrees
Duty Cycle
Obstacle Detection
Built-In Obstacle Detection
Protection Rating
IP 67
Swing Gate Kit

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