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Single gate kit. 24v. Max 5000mm. 1000kg. Per gate. EN Tested.

  • Swing Gate Kit
  • Single gate kit
  • 24v Intensive
  • 5000mm or 1000kg Max each leaf
  • Above ground Motor
  • 120 Degrees Max opening angle
  • Mechanically locking motor
  • Speed Adjustable
  • Built-In Obstacle Detection
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Complete kit for a single residential or apartment block swing gate up to a maximum of 5m in width or 1000kg in weight each leaf

Battery Backup Available

Battery backup is available for this motor for in the event of a mains power failure. Electric gates make it particularly difficult to gain access to a property if the mains power fails.

Slow Down on Open and Close

With this equipment you can adjust the speed of your gate as it approaches the open and closed positions. Further improving on the overall installation and provides a personallised and refined touch to each application.

Integrated Open & Close Limits

This equipment features adjustable open and close limits. This allows you to set the gates limits of travel without the need for a physical stop in the ground. This feature has some limitiations and may not function correctly on wider gates. If your gates are over 1.8m in width it is advisable to talk to us before ordering if this feature is critical to your installation.

LCD Display

Control Panel with LCD display for simplified programming.

Intensive Use

The motor is specifically designed for intensive use. Enjoy the comfort of an electric gate that can open and close for numerous visitors throughout the day. Particularly useful for shared entrance gates to a large number of residences.

Built in obstacle detection

This equipment features built in obstacle detection. Implemented correctly this can stop and reverse upon detection of an obstacle. Obstacles are detected when the gate experiences an increase in resistance that can be caused by a person a vehicle an object or even wind obstructing the path of the gate. Although this safety feature can be very effective. It is strongly advised that all installations undergo an impact force test to ensure the safety of anyone who may come in to contact with the gate. Further safety can be added with the addition of safety edges.

Quick & Easy Installation

Equipment designed for the quick & easy installation to existing hinged swing gates. Can be easily fitted to gates and pillars with minimal excavation needed for the supply of mains power to the control board & low voltage cabling to the motors

CAME Cloud Technology

Enjoy all the functionality of your CAME devices using a cloud based service. Monitor your video entry system from wherever you are via the internet. On smartphone you can receive audio/video calls from your entry panel and open your gate remotely using the XIP mobile app. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

What comes in the box
1 CAME AX5024 24v Motor
1 CAME AF43S Frequency Card 433MHz
1 CAME DIR-10 Pair of safety photocells
1 CAME ZLJ24Z Control Panel
2 CAME TOPD4RKS Radio Remotes - 806TS-0122
1 CAME TOP-A433N Antenna
Motor Model Mains Power Supply Motor Voltage Max Weight per Gate Max Length per Gate Locking Method Motor Gate Speed Duty Cycle Notes KIT SINGLE KIT
CAME AX302304 230v 800kg 3000mm Mechanically locking motor Electromechanical 20 seconds 90 Degrees Semi-intensive CAME AXO-P3 KIT CAME AXO-S3 KIT
CAME AX312304 230v 800kg 3000mm Requires solenoid lock Electromechanical 20 seconds 90 Degrees Semi-intensive Reversible.
CAME AX402306 230v 800kg 4000mm Requires solenoid lock Electromechanical 28 seconds 90 Degrees Semi-intensive Reversible. CAME AXO-P4 KIT CAME AXO-S4 KIT
CAME AX412306 230v 800kg 4000mm Requires solenoid lock Electromechanical 28 seconds 90 Degrees Semi-intensive Reversible.
CAME AX71230 230v 1000kg 7000mm Requires solenoid lock Electromechanical 40 seconds 90 Degrees Semi-intensive Reversible. Long Stroke. CAME AXO-P7 KIT CAME AXO-S7 KIT
CAME AX3024 24v 800kg 3000mm Mechanically locking motor Electromechanical Adjustable Intensive CAME AXO-P324 KIT CAME AXO-S324 KIT
CAME AX5024 24v 1000kg 5000mm Mechanically locking motor Electromechanical Adjustable Intensive CAME AXO-P524 KIT CAME AXO-S524 KIT

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Category Electric Gate Kits Brand CAME

Product Details

Shipping Index 1
Gate type Swing gate
Single or twin kit Single gate kit
Max weight per gate 1000
Max length per gate 5000
Above or underground Above ground
Max opening angle 120 degrees
Motor Electromechanical
Locking method Mechanically locking motor
Power Supply Voltage 230v
Motor voltage 24v
Gate Speed Adjustable
Duty Cycle Intensive
Obstacle Detection Built-In Obstacle Detection
Category Swing Gate Kit