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Access Control
Push Button
Push to exit button
Q.BO Keyswitch
Key switch
Q.BO Wireless Keypad
Wireless keypad
Additional Security
BFT EPB 24v Lock + Transformer
Electric Drop Lock
Cisa Lock +Cisa Booster +ME BT Card - 2000kg Holding Force - Mechanically latching
Electric Slam Lock
Safety Lights & Accessories (Select up to 4 options)
24v LED Light w/ Antenna
24v LED Light w/ Antenna
24v Light w/ Antenna
24v Light w/ Antenna
Metal Protective Cage
Metal Protective Cage
Wall Mounting Bracket
Wall Mounting Bracket
Select which Photocells come in the kit
Bft Akta
Bft Akta
Bft Compacta
Bft Compacta
Bft Eris
Bft Eris
Bft Thea
Bft Thea
Seav 2241
Seav 2241
Select which Remotes come in the kit
Standard 2 Button Remotes
Upgrade to 2 Button Kleio
Upgrade to 4 Button Blue
Upgrade to 4 Button Ice
Upgrade to 4 button Kleio


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RRP £3,113.49 (Includes VAT at 20%
Twin gate kit. 230v. Max 1800mm. 800Kg. Per gate. Fast version.
  • Swing Gate Kit
  • Twin gate kit
  • 230v Very-intensive
  • 1800mm or 800kg Max each leaf
  • Underground Motor
  • 130 Degrees Max opening angle
  • Opening and closing hydraulic lock
  • Speed 14 seconds 90 Degrees + Slowdown time
Select which Photocells come in the kit


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Complete kit for a pair of residential industrial collective or tertiary swing gates up to a maximum of 1.8m in width or 800kg in weight each leaf. Fast motor.

Strong & Durable Hydraulic Motor

Most powerful motor for the largest gates. More durable with fewer moving parts and can easily be repaired by replacing the seals and the oil. Motor can be back in service for years to come.

Ultimate Choice in Aesthetical Appearance

This underground equipment is specifically designed so that the motor is concealed in a load bearing foundation box beneath the pivot point of your hinged swing gates. Giving you the very best in aesthetics while further reducing hazards by removing more trapping points above ground level.

LCD Display

Control Panel with LCD display for simplified programming.

Fast Motor

Intensive Use

The motor is specifically designed for intensive use. Enjoy the comfort of an electric gate that can open and close for numerous visitors throughout the day. Particularly useful for shared entrance gates to a large number of residences.

What comes in the box
2BFT SUB R 230v Motor's
1BFT RIGEL 6 Control Panel
2BFT Mitto RB 2 Button Transmitter's
1BFT Compacta Pair of safety photocells
1BFT Antenna
2BFT FCS Foundation Box's
Motor ModelMains Power SupplyMotor VoltageMax Weight per GateMax Length per GateLocking MethodGate SpeedMax Opening AngleNotesKITSINGLE KIT
BFT SUB230v230v800kg1800mmOpening and closing hydraulic lock24 seconds 90 Degrees130 DegreesLockingBFT SUB KITBFT SUB KIT S
BFT SUB E230v230v800kg2500mmOpening and closing hydraulic lock24 seconds 90 Degrees130 DegreesLockingBFT SUB E KITBFT SUB E KIT S
BFT SUB EG230v230v800kg3500mmOpening and closing hydraulic lock24 seconds 90 Degrees180 DegreesLockingBFT SUB EG KITBFT SUB EG KIT S
BFT SUB EL230v230v800kg3500mmRequires solenoid lock33 seconds 90 Degrees130 DegreesReversible. Non LockingBFT SUB EL KITBFT SUB EL KIT S
BFT SUB ER230v230v800kg2500mmRequires solenoid lock14 seconds 90 Degrees + Slowdown time130 DegreesFast motor. Reversible. Non LockingBFT SUB ER KITBFT SUB ER KIT S
BFT SUB G230v230v800kg1800mmOpening and closing hydraulic lock33 seconds 90 Degrees180 DegreesLockingBFT SUB G KITBFT SUB G KIT S
BFT SUB GR230v230v800kg1800mmOpening and closing hydraulic lock14 seconds 90 Degrees + Slowdown time180 DegreesLocking with Slow down on closingBFT SUB GR KITBFT SUB GR KIT S
BFT SUB R230v230v800kg1800mmOpening and closing hydraulic lock14 seconds 90 Degrees + Slowdown time130 DegreesLocking and Fast motor with Slow down on closingBFT SUB R KITBFT SUB R KIT S
BFT SUB BT230v24v800kg2500mmOpening and closing hydraulic lock13 seconds 90 Degrees120 DegreesObstacle detectionBFT SUB BT KITBFT SUB BT KIT S

Data sheet

Shipping Index
Power Input
Gate type
Swing gate
Single or twin kit
Twin gate kit
Gate Style
Barred, Boarded
Max weight per gate
Max length per gate
Max C Dimension
Post Configuration
back hung, side hung, front hung, corner hung
Above or underground
Max opening angle
130 degrees
Locking method
Opening and closing hydraulic lock
Power Supply Voltage
Motor voltage
Gate Speed
14 seconds 90 Degrees + Slowdown time
Duty Cycle
Stops Required
Protection Rating
Swing Gate Kit

Specific References



bft sub handing

Download (856.39k)

bft sub manual 2002

Download (2.58M)

bft sub manual 2014

Download (2M)

bft sub manual 2015

Download (2.7M)

bft sub product sheet

Download (5.09M)

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