Ozak Waist Height Turnstile for Pedestrian Access Control (OZ\702 R N1)

SKU OZ-702 R N1 AISI 304
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The Ozak 702 R N1 Turnstile is a waist height turnstile with a nominal flow rate of 30 in manual or 25 in motorised operation (*optional) . Indoor and Outdoor Use

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CAME OZAK 702 R N1 Waist Height Turnstile

This elegant and important design implies authority. The 702RN1 turnstile is crafted from high-quality AISI 304 grade stainless steel, featuring a brushed finish. An upgrade to 316 stainless steel is available upon request (price on application). Alternative finishes are also offered.

The unit comes standard in a brushed stainless steel finish. Additionally, we provide a variety of powder-coated color options at no extra cost. For specific colors from the RAL Chart or a satin stainless steel finish, please inquire as these options are priced upon application. This covers the body only and the arms will not be coated.

  • Important Design
  • Body and Arms provided in AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Integrated Status Indicators
  • Single Lane Version
  • Optional Manual Version
  • Integration with Controls via Dry Contact
  • Endless Compatibility
  • Emergency Mode for Free Passage
  • Optional Emergency Free Exit/Locked Entry

A choice of finishes and colours​

*For a custom colour price is on application, some colours are available on request free of charge. Turnstile is supplied by default in a brushed stainless steel finish with a grade of AISI 304, bushed finish and or grade can be changed on request and could incur additional costs.

Carmine Red

Ral 3002

Jet Black

Ral 9005

Grey White

Ral 9002

Cobalt Blue

Ral 5013

Metallic Grey

Ral 9006

Moss Green

Ral 6005

Basalt Grey

Ral 7012

Any Color

*Optional Extra

Simplified ordering and installation

Enjoy a simplified ordering process and support thanks to our direct from the manufactuerer approach. Delivery will be made directly to you by CAME UK on our behalf, the turnstiles will be produced by Ozak in Turkey and imported into the UK, upon arrival here a thorough quality check will be carried out before delivery to you. We expect this process to take 8 weeks in most circumstances.

Support Excellence

As the UK's biggest independant providor of CAME Spa products we have decades of experience with the entire range of products and are easily able to assist with support. Backed up by CAME UK, together your installation will succeed. For presales advice and planning and post sale technical support please get in touch.

Durable Engineering

Thank to the stainless stell body and arms this turnstile is rated for both indoor and outdoor use (-20°C/+68°C (opt. -50°C with heater positive), RH 95% non-condensing)

Ready for hardwork

The Ozak 7002RN1 is rated for 100% 7 days 24 hours a day continuous use making it suitable for literally anywhere


Produced in a AISI 304 Grade stainless steel the Ozak 702RN1 Turnstile is built to imply importance and performace, blending seemlessly into its surrounding. With the option to improve the steel grade to AISI 316 Grade stainless steel and even electrostatically powder coated for a bespoke look. Enquire for details on pricing with our team. As standard the steel is orbital brushed finished stainless steel although other finished can be accommodated upon request.

702 R N1 Turnstile Arms Construction

The Ozak 702 R N1 Turnstiles arms are also produced from a durable AISI 304 Ø40x1,2 mm Stainless Steel (upgradable to AISI 316) and brushed with a satin finish with the option to orbital brush the finish or powder coat as required. Each arm can be individually unmounted for ease of maintenance.

Specially designed automatic dropping arm, read on for more details:

High Visibility

The Ozak 702RN1 Features built in LED status indicators on the side of the body. These are provided in a high visibility green and red horizontal lines also featuring passage indicators atop the body. 

Energy Concious

Featuring a 24DC Electromechanical motor that requires a 110/220V AC Power Supply this unit averages 3.4W during idle and 2.7W during passage. Additional accessories will alter these references.

Controlled Entry Exit via the controller

The Ozak 702RN1 features a control board with dipswitches for easy programming or via IOS or Android with upgradable firmware for longevity. Allow customisable control over entry and exit thanks to its bi-directional options:

  • Entry & Exit Controlled
  • Entry Controlled & Exit Free
  • Entry Free & Exit Controlled
  • See documents for more info

Operation Is Motorised

The Ozak 702RN1 by default is supplied as a motorised operator however upon request the unit can be changed to manual operation. *Optional.

Inheritantly Controllable, Versitile

With a view to make sure this 702RN1 Turnstile can be used in all applications, the on board control board with dipswitches allows the programming and adjusting of all system functions and parameters. 

This endlessly versitile unit allows connection to all and any access control device by means of opto-couple protected dry contacts. This makes it possible to install any card or tag proximity reader, bluetooth reader, biometric readers, ticket systems, keypads and remote controls and beyond. 

Optional extras: RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP module

Unhindered Flow of Pedestrians

The Ozak 702RN1 allows a nominal flow rate of pedestrians of 30 pass/min in manual mode or 25 pass/min in a motorised installation although the actual mechanisms capacity is 82cycle/min in manual operation. *Accessories can affect the rate.

Emergency Operation

The system incorporates and automatically dropping arm in the event of an emergency by means of a dry contact allowoing the system to be merged with fire systems and alarms easily, returning to normal operation automatically at the end of the event.

Similarly, in a loss of power situation the unit can be set to fail safe or secure, allowing or disallowing free passage in both directions. By way of an override key unidirectional free passage can be allowed. 

Customisable with Options

Wireless remote control (receiver-transmitter), manual control, manual override key (with fail secure option), coin slot and coin box, single/multiple intelligent coin/token slot and box, counter (with/without reset), card reader mounting bracket, photocell alarm sensor, passage completion sensor, contactless passage sensor, heater positive, top lid weight sensor, bottom plate, battery back-up, 316 grade stainless steel, RS232-RS485-TCP/IP modules, limiter, electrostatic powder coating on stainless steel, motorized card collector unit and card collection box.

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Ozak Waist Height Turnstile for Pedestrian Access Control (OZ\702 R N1)