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NICE M3BAR-KIT barrier kit

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  • Automatic Barrier Kit
  • Motor Voltage: 24v
  • Boom Length: 3m
  • Electromechanical Motor
  • 1.5 to 4 seconds Opening Time
  • intensive Duty Cycle
  • Built-In Obstacle Detection

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NICE M3BAR-KIT barrier kit

A complete Automatic Barrier Kit from NICE. The NICE M3BAR-KIT barrier kit is supplied with a 3m Boom. The average opening time of the Barrier is 1.5 to 4 seconds. This Barrier features an Electromechanical motor with a intensive duty cycle.

What comes in the box
Quantity Item
1 M3BAR Barrier Unit
1 internal control unit
1 XBA Aluminium Boom
1 WA10 Reflective Strips
1 WA11 Fixed Rest
Barrier Kits Power Supply Voltage Motor Voltage Max Boom Length Boom Length Motor Opening time Duty Cycle Notes
M3BAR-KIT 230v 24v 3m 3m Electromechanical 1.5 to 4 seconds intensive  
M5BAR-KIT 230v 24v 5m 4m Electromechanical 3 to 6 seconds intensive  
M7BAR-KIT 230v 24v 7m 5m Electromechanical 6 to 10 seconds intensive  
L9BAR-KIT 230v 24v 9m 7m Electromechanical 8 to 12 seconds intensive  

Data sheet

Shipping Index
Max Boom Length
3M, 5M
Boom Length
4M, 3M
Power Supply Voltage
Motor voltage
Duty Cycle
Obstacle Detection
Built-In Obstacle Detection
Automatic Barrier Kit
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