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  • CAME GT4 3.75m Deluxe barrier kit
  • CAME GT4 3.75m Deluxe barrier kit
  • CAME GT4 3.75m Deluxe barrier kit
  • CAME GT4 3.75m Deluxe barrier kit
  • CAME GT4 3.75m Deluxe barrier kit
  • CAME GT4 3.75m Deluxe barrier kit
  • CAME GT4 3.75m Deluxe barrier kit

CAME GARD GT 4m GT4 Barrier kit 8K01RB-0700

CAME GT4-4M-KIT 8K01RB-0700
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  • Automatic Barrier Kit
  • GT4-4M-KIT
  • Motor Voltage: 24v
  • Boom Length: 4m
  • Electromechanical Motor
  • 2 to 6 seconds Opening Time
  • intensive Duty Cycle

CAME GARD GT 4m GT4 Barrier kit 8K01RB-0700

A complete Automatic Barrier Kit from CAME. The CAME GARD GT 4m GT4 Barrier kit is supplied with a 4.22m Boom. The average opening time of the Barrier is 2 to 6 seconds. This Barrier features an Electromechanical motor with a intensive duty cycle.

Passage width clearance from 2.5m to 4m

MCBF 3 million cycles - Tested for intensive use up to 350 cycles/hours

Resistant - Cabinet in galvanised and painted steel or in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel

Reliable - 24 V DC operator, ENCODER and ADVANCED SPEED CONTROL for controlling the forces applied to the boom.

Practical - Built-in LED traffic lights and safety accessories.

Safe - EN12453 - Shockproof rubber profile and efficient obstacle detection system.

Perfectly Intergratable - Advanced control board with digital inputs, CXN BUS inputs, MODBUS protocol and CONNECT technology.

Efficient - with opening and closing speed from 2 to 4 seconds depending on the length of the boom.

  • Customisable Colour
  • GARD GT4 has been developed for use on medium and large access gates. The elegantly designed cabinet is designed for the integration of safety accessories. Standard in RAL 7024 finish, it can be painted in any RAL color on request.


  • The photocells and control accessories can be installed directly on the barrier structure. Moreover, the advanced control board of GARD GT4 is also able to manage CAT.2 safety systems such as laser sensors, in addition to CXN accessories, the new line of BUS devices, practical and quick to install.
  • Integrated Signal Light
  • The Red/Green LED lighting system eliminates the traditional flashing light, and offers traffic light signaling for greater safety. It can be installed both on the crown and on the boom on both sides, and regulates access by means of red, flashing red or green signaling.
  • *Crown sold seperately

Simple Programming

The control board is positioned directly under the cabinet cover. All the configuration and maintenance phases can therefore be carried out comfortably standing upright, with the cabinet closed, in total safety.The practical 7-segment display and the control keys allow to navigate through the menu and configure the barrier in a few simple steps. The advanced control board of Gard GT4 includes:
• Inputs for safety accessories configurable both as N.C. contacts and resistive contacts (8k2)
• Control inputs
• Inputs for CXN BUS accessories
• Output for safety electric lock at the boom tip.
• Connector for fixed code radio receiver and rolling codes up to 250 users (AF435/AF868)
• Connector for external keyboard or RFID reader (R800/R700)
• Serial port for CONNECT gateway for remote management of the barrier.
• Connector for CAME KEY for configuration from smartphone.
• MEMORY ROLL for saving the configurations
• Serial port with MODBUS protocol

Advanced Speed Control

The modern 24V AC motor equipped with Encoder implements an advanced boom speed management solution. Thanks to this innovative function the movement is smooth and constant both when opening and when closing, without annoying oscillations that would compromise the integrity of the mechanical system and the boom itself. The control board continuously analyses the forces acting on the boom, adjusting the speed according to the parameters measured, guaranteeing durability and reliability in all climatic conditions.

Battery-Powered Emergency System *sold seperately

In the occurrence of a blackout or in any emergency situation where an electrical problem occurs, Gard GT4 is able to operate in complete safety thanks to an auxiliary battery power supply system (optional). During normal operation with mains power supply, the system keeps the batteries fully charged in order to guarantee maximum reliability as soon as an emergency occurs.


    CAME's R&D department has developed a practical variable balancing system, which allows using a single spring that can be connected to the balancing lever at different predefined points. It is therefore no longer necessary to have specific springs for the different boom lengths, but it is sufficient to operate on the hooking system.

  • SAFETY BOOM RELEASE SYSTEM *sold seperately

    CAME has developed a special system that minimizes damage in case of impact with the boom. A high performance steel hinge allows the boom to disengage from the cabinet opening like a gate leaf, eliminating repair costs and recovery time.

  • ARTICULATED ARM *sold seperately

    The articulated joint 803XA-0310 is the ideal solution for installations where there are height restrictions when the boom is fully open, such as in the presence of canopies or underground car parks.

  • FULL-HEIGHT FOLDING SKIRT *sold seperately

    Suitable for both residential and industrial use, the folding skirt is the ideal solution to prevent access by pedestrians or unauthorized vehicles. GARD GT4 can be equipped not only with a lower skirt, but also with a special full-height solution that can be fully folded to close the gate to a height of 130 cm. This accessory is made of aluminum with white/red painted strips.

What comes in the box
1 GGT40AGS Barrier Unit
1 803XA-0270 4.22m Aluminium Boom
1 G02807 Fixed Rest
1 803XA-0020 LED Strip
1 803XA-0190 LED Connector
1 G02809 Reflective Strips
1 DIR10 Pair of Photocells
1 RGSM001S GSM Module
1 1NCE 500mb Sim Card
1 Instruction Guide
Barrier Kits Power Supply Voltage Motor Voltage Max Boom Length Boom Length Motor Opening time Duty Cycle Notes
GT4-4M-KIT 230v 24v 4.22m 4m Electromechanical 2 to 6 seconds intensive
GT8-6M-KIT 230v 24v 6.35m 6m Electromechanical 4 to 8 seconds intensive
GT8-8M-KIT 230v 24v 8m 7.8m Electromechanical 4 to 8 seconds intensive


Operational Limits
Max. net clearance width (m) 4
Technical Features
Protection rating (IP) 54
Power supply (V - 50/60 Hz) 230 AC
Motor power supply (V) 24 DC
Max current draw (Ma) 1.1
Stand-by consumption (W) 7
Power supply to motor (V) 24 DC
Power (W) 240
Torque (Nm) 300
Opening time at 90° (s) 2 to 6
Cycles/Hour 350
Operating temperature (°C) -20 ÷ +55
CAME GT4-4M-KIT 8K01RB-0700

Data sheet

Shipping Index
Max Boom Length
Boom Length
Power Supply Voltage
Motor voltage
Duty Cycle
Motor Range
Gard GT
Automatic Barrier Kit
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